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Did you know that in old times, Croats who lived in coastal areas actually went to mountains during hot summer months? Although it might sound odd, taking a swim in Adriatic Sea was their second option for cooling off. Rather than that, they visited the cozy cottages of Lika region, whose heights provided them with fresh air and numerous opportunities for leisure. Even today, experiences such as cycling through history and natural splendor of Lika are perfect alternative to enjoyments of the shore.

On the photo above, a group of cyclists is traversing a small bridge over Gacka River, passing next to an old wooden cottage. As if venturing through some fable-like land, these people are witnesses of fascinating natural sceneries and echoes of the times long gone.

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The peaks of Lika are waiting for you. Come and see why old coastal Croats were marveled by their beauty to the extent they left Adriatic Sea in the middle of hot summer months.


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