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The Tourist Association of Dugi Otok Island has sent us this lovely photo, depicting the crystal beauty of Veli Zal beach. Now being without swimmers, it really shines in a completely new way. The fascinating clarity brings color of mystic propoprations, and if one doesn’t mind colder temperatures, he or she can even walk for a few hundred meters off-shore. A couple of fishing boots might also come in handy.

Dugi Otok was quite popular among ufologists  this year, as strange shapes have been discovered on the bottom of its imminent underwater surroundings. With color like this, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see tourists from other planets visiting the crystal beauty of Veli Zal.

The name “Dugi Otok” literally means “A Long Island”. It features a lovely Mediterranean settlement called Sali, a gorgeous 70-square kilometers nature park of Telascica and an old Austrian fort called Grpascak. If you are interested in staying on Dugi Otok, consider one of our accommodations onsite. And if you have already been to this lovely place, why don’t you send a photo or two to our Facebook community? The aliens would really appreciate that!


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