Like Croatia Sinke

Expat in Croatia is a great blog for all foreigners with a plan of prolonging their stay in the country, maybe even calling it a new home. In one of the posts, the topic of Croatian hospitality is covered with concrete examples. So, are Croats a kind and respectful nation? The author behind the blog has an opinion on that.

Today, I find myself mesmerized by a tomato. A plump, red tomato. Nothing is better than a sweet tomato during the summer. But let’s face it, it still is just a tomato. And yet, I find myself staring at it with a smile. Indulge me for a moment. We have now lived in the beautiful country of Croatia for 15 months. It has been a truly amazing and challenging experience in many ways.

But there is one aspect of living here that has come as the biggest surprise of them all: the kindness of strangers. Kindness seems to have gone out of fashion these days. With so many people struggling to work, feed and take care of their families, there is very little motivation to go out of your way to help another when it is so hard just to help yourself. People are edgy. People are grumpy. People are just a little bit more feisty than they were 10 years ago. Despite of all of that, we have been absolutely astounded at the level of generosity and trust we’ve been shown in this country. Read more.

What are your experiences with Croatian kindness and hospitality? Leave your impressions in the comments section below.