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Looking for Zen? Then Croatia’s got you covered. Shimmy into a swimsuit, pack up a bag, and head out to one of Croatia’s top ten beaches and you’ll find yourself bathing in bliss.

1. Zlatni rat, Bol, island of Brac. This stunning beach looks golden from birds-eye view photos, yet it’s beautifully decorated with small pebbles. Zlatni rat’s famous coastline changes its horn shape depending on the wind. It juts out into Hvar’s channel and is welcoming to couples, families, and young people alike. The beach is also ideal for wind surfers and those seeking parachute rides, pedal boat tours, jet-ski driving, and banana boat trips.

2. Cape Kamenjak, Premantura, near Medulin. Cape Kamenjak has been placed under protection due to its natural park status and its beauty is sure to delight all who visit it. The Cape is dotted with many small islands, inlets, coves, and mini beaches. Along one of its countless dirt paths you can discover plenty of hidden swimming and tanning areas. This beach is particularly attractive to divers for its intriguing underwater world. It’s also a surfer favorite and a prime spot for sport fishing.

3. Stara baska, island of Krk. Just by looking at photos, Stara baska is one beach you’d dream of being shipwrecked at. This gorgeous isolated pebble beach is surrounded by steep cliffs, making it at once enchanting and mesmerizing. Like many Croatian beaches, Stara baska is quite famous for wind surfing due to the strong bura wind that blows there. The beach is also popular among families and those seeking a bit of an escape from the rest of the world.

4. Sveti Ivan, Lubenice, island of Cres. Lubenice, where Sveti Ivan is located, was built on a cliff all out of stone and was once even used as a watchtower and shelter area. This secluded locale is what makes Sveti Ivan perfect for those wanting to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of touristy areas. It is most easily reached by boat and is a popular stop for yachts. Its sandy coastline and crystal clear water brimming with sea life will surely captivate every visitor.

5.  Bilin Zal, Lumbarda, island of Korcula. Since Korcula is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and even a “little Dubrovnik,” it is no surprise that this stunning area houses equally dazzling beaches. One of particular note is the sandy Bilin Zal. At this beach, you can take in a fantastic view of the Peljesac peninsula. It’s also a well-known place for sailing and is popular with both tourists and locals.

6.  Proizd, islet near Korcula. Proizd is an oasis of pristine untouched nature. Reach this magnificent beach by taxi-boat from Vela Luka. The crystal waters, pebbled beaches, and lush vegetation that mark this site’s landscape are indeed photo-opt worthy. The beach is a bit cut off from the rest of Korcula’s island civilization so you can enjoy your day relaxing on its coastline without an ounce of disturbance.


7.  Gustinja Bay, Rovinj. Rovinj, one of the world’s most romantic getaways, has a beach for everyone from lovers to families to nudists. Gustinja Bay is definitely one that’ll snag a spot on any “Top 10” list. At this bay, discover numerous small hidden beaches just awaiting you to plop down your towel and take a swim. It is not possible to reach Gustinja Bay completely by car so be sure to park nearby and take a little walk through a path lined the area’s coastal vegetation that winds along a rocky coast.

8. Sunj, island of Lopud, near Dubrovnik. Make your way up a hill then down across a wooded pathway to reach Lopud’s dazzling Sunj beach. A traveler on a TripAdvisor forum raves about its quiet cove that’s perfect for snorkeling and those looking to soak up some all-day sun. Other visitors enthusiastically recall the beach’s refreshing shallow waters, which make it an ideal place for young children and non-swimmers. Boaters and hikers also find Sunj to be the embodiment of perfection.

9. Saplunara, island of Mljet. Saplunara derives its name from the Latin word sabalum, meaning “tiny sand.” This famous sandy beach has warm waters that’ll serenade and soothe all those who enter. Because of its charming warmth, it has become a favorite spot for families with small children. Yet even though families do frequent its sandy shoreline, the area is relatively quiet as it’s situated in a small bay and shrouded in a thick pine forest.

10. Srebrna, island of Vis. Like Saplunara’s name, Srebrna’s is a special one as well. The beach is named after the silver reflection of moonlight that creates a glistening garden of pebbles at night. Considered one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, its ideal for anyone seeking a more private area. Thick vegetation surrounds Srebrna so you’re bound to find shade following an afternoon in the Adriatic’s beautiful, bright sun.

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