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Croatian soccer players returned home with a disappointment. They clearly hoped for more concrete results in Brazil. However, as long as the National Team has fans such as the passionate Brazilian below, they will have the strength to get up, and return on fields worldwide.

Davd Pimentel fell in love with the county’s football culture in 1998, when Croatian golden generation won third place on World Cup in France. The victory has established chessboard-insignia jerseys as considerable power in soccer world, inspiring thousands of people such as Pimentel to follow Croatian team during important sport events.

Soccer fan, Croatia

The passionate Brazilian couldn’t hide excitement once his dream of meeting famous player Davor Suker was fulfilled. You can see the emotional meeting on Fifa’s official page.

Pimentel, if you read this, we are grateful for your love of our country and support you provide to our football team. We hope you’ll come to Croatian coast one day, and in the meantime inspire people of the world with your passionate and honest heart.

What were you doing when Croatia won third place in World Cup 1998? Share us your stories in comments below.


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