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Not many of us are keen with numbers, but in Croatia, some of them are really cool. Check out the following list to meet some of the country’s unique numerical values.

Sunshine time

It has been calculated that Croatia annually receives around 2600 hours of sun. That means virtually one third of a year can be used for sunbathing, swimming and enjoying the coastal entertainments. The island of Brac is a perfect destination for such happy activities .

Niksa Stipanicev.jpg2

Forest coverage

Although Croatia is usually recognized for its beautiful coast, its forest regions also provide fable-like sceneries and relaxing experiences. As a matter of fact, 44 % of Croatia is covered in forest, while 10% of its territory belongs to National Parks. A good symbol of such enduring wood presence is a 2000 year old tree in Gorski Kotar.

Ranko Suvar

Island digits

Croatia has more than 1185 islands, but most of them are lonely, uninhabited places. If you know your ways in the wilderness, these are your dream come true. However, if you prefer civilization, history and culture -opt for one of 50 inhabited islands, including Krk and Cres.

Stanko Feric

Small numbers

Not all of Croatia’s numbers are high and unique. For example, Hum is noted in Guiness Book of records as the smallest town in the world. The Istrian settlement has all the infrastructural requirements for being called a town (including a hospital), yet it has only 23 inhabitants.


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