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Following our established tradition, we are making a fictional tourism match between Croatia and its respective opponents at FIFA World Cup. Today, precisely at 9:00 p.m. local time, the players of Croatian team will challenge the talented Nigerian participants in this globally tracked tournament.   But what can these countries offer as tourist destinations? Let’s see how this Croatia:Nigeria match goes!

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Clash of Marketplaces: Lekki versus Dolac

Croatia is located in central Europe, while Nigeria can be found on African continent. The two states are quite different culturally, which makes this match quite diverse and interesting. As many travelers know, you can learn a lot about a certain place if you visit its marketplace.

Lekki Marketplace of Lagos is Nigerian place to go for shopping, especially if you wish to buy authentic local pieces of art and works of dedicated craftsmen. The stars of the show are gem stones, which are quite affordable solution for souvenir seekers. Meanwhile, Zagreb’s much-loved Dolac marketplace is a spot where fresh veggies are daily served. The quality of the merchandize is exquisite, and many prestigious restaurants in the vicinity boast that their ingredients are coming precisely from this marketplace. It is surrounded with historically valuable sites as well, including the City Cathedral.

Both marketplaces are beautiful and unique in their own way. So they both deserve a goal. Croatia:Nigeria 1:1.

Museum of Illusions
Museum of Illusions

Battle of Museums: Benin National versus Museum of Illusions

They don’t call Africa the cradle of mankind for nothing. Nigeria has a long past that can be traced up to days of written history. Researching this country’s tale means going on a wonderful adventure, and it all begins in Benin City’s National Museum. Hundreds of exhibits and notable artifacts are displayed to viewers, coupled with explanations of their context and value.

Yet, not all museums deal with the days long past. In Croatian city of Zadar, one can find Museum of Illusions, a site where nothing looks as it seems. From optical tricks to exhibits that challenge your perception of space, this institution is as fun as it is educative. You can reserve your tickets right now and anxiously wait for your visit.

Both museums are valuable and of interest to tourists of opponent countries. As such, each of them is worthy of goal. Croatia:Nigera 2:2.

Grabovaca Cave Park

Outdoors Competing: Olumo Rock vs. Grabovaca Cave Park

In times when tribes were waging wars across Nigerian soil, refugees would find peace in the highlands of Abeokuta City. There, a very strange rock formation called Olumo was a site of many tales. Today, it serves as a destination with magnificent view of African surroundings and Cathedral Church of Saint Peter which lies beneath.

Meanwhile, tourists in Croatia can explore a completely other kind of environment. Beneath the ground of Perusic lies an entire park of caverns called Grabovaca. A locality that is interesting both to nature lovers and historians, it comes with educational trails and guided tours. You are actually one click away from reserving your spot in this unique landmark of Croatia.

These are places of fascinating beauty, scoring goals for their teams. This ends the match with equal result and praise for both countries. Croatia:Nigeria 3:3.

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Feature Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / Cropix