Like Croatia Sinke

Have you ever dreamt of working in Croatia?  Are you anxious to show your skills and capabilities in one of the world’s most recognizable localities? You have will to learn and are more than ready for any challenge that busy environment may bring to you? In that case, Croatian tourism might have an offer for you.

In 2018, some things will greatly change on gentle shores of Adriatic Sea.  Croatia will largely open its job market to foreign workers, especially those who wish to have career in hospitality services. At this moment, more than 4000 positions are opened, including those of chef assistants, waiters, maids and cleaners.

The high digit can be thanked to recent administrative decision that allowed local firms to hire foreign workers even for professions that are not lacking in the country. As Croatian Tourism is blooming on annual base, more people are needed to maintain the system.

Current information suggests that local tourist industry seeks for about 700 foreign cooks (300 of these being experienced with international cuisine), 80 tourist animators and about 50 company representatives. Croatia is also opened to 10 new scuba-diving instructors, as well as 5 guides of mindful meditation practices.

“There are people willing to work anything, but we are aiming for educated cooks, receptionists and similar individuals,” said unnamed hotel manager, who usually sought workers in Slavonian region.  Meanwhile, president of local tourism syndicate Eduard Andric notes that market may be very challenging. “Better salaries are crucial for better quality of service,” he explained to Jutarnji List daily paper. “Also, time is of the essence. Most Hotels in Croatia open as early as March, so they need to acquire workers as soon as possible.”

If being a part of Croatian tourism seems like a great way to spend your working summer, consider sending your CV to local hotels, restaurants and other services.

Photo: Niksa Duper / Hanza Media