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Croatia is not a superpower of vehicle industry, but it does have its own supercar. The powerful machine is called Concept_One and it counts as the fastest electric car in the world. Developed by Rimac Automobili, it is a peak of Croatian design and engineering talent.

Internally, Concept_One is technologically-driven powerhouse, featuring high efficiency, style and performance. The vehicle’s propulsion system is backed by permanent magnet synchronous motor, the latest nerdy gadget developed exclusively for Rimac’s luxurious toy.

The car’s architecture is also unique- thanks to system called All Wheel Torque Vectoring (AWTV). Each wheel of Concept_One has its very own propulsion, and sophisticated machinery takes care that they function in harmony, guaranteeing safety even during highest speed.

Croatian supercar has a power output of 1088 hp, and is capable of reaching the speed of 100 km/h in less than three seconds. It uses battery packs based on Lithium-Iron-Phosphate chemistry, and has an operative range of around 500 kilometers.
Constructed with passion and shown with pride on international car shows, Concept_One is a good example that Croatia’s luxury doesn’t end with resorts and hotels. While not officially confirmed, rumors suggest the upcoming Top Gear Live Show will host the powerful vehicle during its filming in Croatia.


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