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Today is a very important date for all Croats in the world, as their country notes its national Statehood Day. The modern Croatian state was formed in 1991, when its leaders declared the separation from Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, this has led to a fierce military conflict, which quickly escalated and brought many dire moments.

2Cellos Plitvice courtesy of Croatian Week

However, these times are long gone, and Croatia enjoys its full sovereign status. It is a modern European country with distinctive cultural identity and unique historical background. As one of the oldest nations on the Continent, Croats are known for their hospitality, and tourism is an important part of the country’s economy.

The country is very active in summer seasons, when thousands of foreign tourists arrive to Croatian shores and enjoy the crystal clearness of Adriatic Sea. With notable destinations such as Dubrovnik, Pula, Split and Rovinj, Croatian tourist future looks bright.  But one should not forget the gorgeous tranquility which can be found on Croatian islands, which are also welcoming guests in need for leisure and summer enjoyments.

Croatian city

Finally, Croatia has a lot to offer in its continental regions too, as regions of Zagorje and Slavonia hide countless beautiful localities, just waiting to be explored by curious visitors. The Croatian capital of Zagreb is also a place many decided to visit, and fell in love with its charming streets and loveable residents.

Statehood day is celebrated around the globe by Croatian communities. If you see the red-and-white checkers insignias, which serve as the national symbol, feel free to join the party and take part in celebrating Croatian culture.

Photo courtesy of: Kristina Pepelko
Photo courtesy of: Kristina Pepelko

Hopefully, Croatian Euro 2016 soccer team will gift a pleasurable evening to their nation today, as they play against Portugal at 9 p.m. Check out their performance, and cheer for Croatia on its National Statehood Day.


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