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We have already informed you that Croatia might receive its very own space program, which would primary be used as a feature of country’s tourist offer. Croatian Space Center is one step closer to reality, as confirmed by officials of Swiss firm S3, which plans to invest in this quite unique and interesting idea.

“Our vision is to make Croatia one of the countries which will shape the future of mankind’s space-faring era,” said Dr. Slobodan Danko Bosanac, the leading man behind Croatian Office of Swiss company S3 (standing for Swiss Space Systems). The firm’s Croatian wing has been recently introduced in the country’s capital in Zagreb, giving big promises and assurance one could envy. According to Bosanac, S3 plans to hire around 200 experts in Croatia, Spain, Switzerland and United States.

Croatian Space Center to Become Reality in 2020

“It is a win-win situation both for Croatian and Swiss residents,” explained Pascal Jaussi, an ex-military pilot who founded S3 with astronaut Claude Nicoliller in 2012. “Our mutual co-operation will be very fruitful.” The company plans to introduce zero gravity simulations in 2016, while first satellite launches, needed for further development of the service, will happen in 2018. Finally, the first sub-orbital flights of passengers and cargo are scheduled for 2020.

The director of S3’s Croatian Branch, Sladan Zovko, noted that this project has a huge commercial value. Croatia will actively participate in construction of aforementioned satellites, a task which will provide much needed jobs to highly-educated individuals of Croatian society. It is also possible that these powerful gadgets will be produced in the special facility, which will be built on Croatian soil.

“As for location, we think of building the Croatian Space Center in Udbina. As it is very close to national parks, it would provide a boost to tourism as well,” Zovko concluded. “It is important to note that the facility would be no threat to natural environment.”

The presentation of S3’s plans for Croatia was also followed by Swiss ambassador Stefan Estermann. He was probably very satisfied that Croatia and Switzerland are working together on such original and important project.


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