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How would you communicate a message to alien intelligent beings? This question is one of top priorities in life of Tomislav Janovic, a Croatian scientist developing extraterrestrial language. Or at least, a mean to spread the message of our existence to distant stars. During a recent international conference in Californian Science Institute SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), Tomislav was representing Croatia and agreed with his colleagues that exploring depths of space is one of fundamental duties of human kind. When not seeking ETs, Tomislav is teaching philosophy on Studia Croatia in Zagreb.

“Besides the unintentional radiance coming from our planet in recent decades, we are constantly sending messages in space, hoping somebody will catch them and reply. We recently celebrated forty years of broadcasting the so-called Arecibo Message, one of first attempts to communicate with possible alien intelligence,” Janovic explained to LC source. “It should also be noted that we sent physical messages as well. In 1972, a tablet depicting our species and destination in solar system was attached to science vessel Pioneer 10. However, we all agree that sending radio signals is the best mean of communication.”

SETI officials initiated the gathering in order to brainstorm the possible content broadcasted in space. “The main problem we have is the lack of universal communication code. If aliens exist, we wonder how will they decode our message, and even more, how will they understand its content. For example, the famous astronomer Seth Shostak suggested we send as much information about our race as possible. For example, if we would send a Google Server, the aliens would literally browse the copy of our web in their lab. I’m a little bit skeptical of such approach.”

Tomislav has also explained what would happen in case of alien reply on the message. “It is a case which has a special protocol. We certainly wouldn’t immediately respond after decoding it. First, we would contact the general secretary of United Nations. After that, he has to reveal the existence of the reply to entire human race. And only after that, the international community would gather and decide what to include in the new message.”

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