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Every chef is glad when his guests are happy, but receiving Michelin’s prestigious Star is a moment to remember. Probably the most respected recognition of one restaurant’s quality has been given to Croatian dining spot Monte, located in beautiful coastal Town of Rovinj.

This is the first Michelin Star associated with Croatian restaurant, guaranteeing that its service and food preparation is supreme. Monte is run by Chef Danijel Dekic and his wife Tjistka.  Their menu is built purely on local ingredients, coupled with imagination and technical prowess.  As Rovinj is located on the shores of Istrian peninsula, ordering fish delicacies is mandatory for every gastronomic traveler.

It is believed that Michelin’s critics have just begun to explore Croatia’s rich restaurant offer. The organization recently published a lengthy guide on the country’s most prominent dining sites, suggesting that more stars are coming to Croatia’s foody skies.