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A meal one Croat could easily associate with childhood visits to grandmother’s house in Dalmatia, Pasta Fazol is still commonly cooked in all regions of the country. Basically a thick stew featuring beans and pasta, this dish is perfect for colder seasons and times when you need a healthy push of energy in your activites. Similar foods exist in neighboring countries as well, as they are easy to make, and joy to taste.

What you will need

300 g beans

100 g pancetta

150 g pasta (of your own choice)

2 cloves of garlic

1 carrot

1 onion


2 laurel leafs

1 l broth



Pasta Fazol Preparation

Mince the onion, garlic, celery and carrot. Fry them on some fine olive oil and add broth until they all soften up. The next step is to chop pancetta on small pieces and add them on the pan, adding broth according to need.

In a separate bowl, cook the beans. If you are using the dried ones, be sure to cook them the night before, leaving them in salted water. Add the beans to the mixture, alongside with laurel, thyme, parsley, pepper and salt.

Cook for about 30 minutes on medium flame.  In another bowl, cook pasta to al dente level and fundamentally add it to the mixture. It is not advised to cook the pasta in the pan, as it might not soften up in the best way.

In case you have followed our recipe, chances are you are in for some great Dalmatian treat. Send us a photo of your pasta fazol or upload it to our Facebook Wall to get some feedback from our online community. Who knows, maybe this dish will inspire you to visit Croatia. And if nothing else, it will certainly become one of your favorite stews.