Like Croatia Sinke

Marriage is supposed to be a bonding of two soul mates, and in case of Mitchell family, that is precisely so. Tricia and Shawn are a   pair of passionate travellers. They are running their own destination marketing company called Chessboard Communications, and have recently visited the hills of Kastela for a pleasurable afternoon with Dalmatian wines. The entire experience was described on Tricia’s blog, beginning with these words…


In Croatia’s Dalmatia region, the people are warm, engaging, and generous with invitations to share a shot of rakia, a plate of pršut (dry-cured ham) or a hearty peka meal. Our Dalmatian friends are no different, and in the past weeks they’ve been keeping us entertained with things to do in Split. Let’s just say that Croatian food and wine have been featuring prominently on the agenda.

One Sunday afternoon, we met our friends, Srđan and Jakša, in a cluster of seven towns next to Split called Kaštela. Although it was late morning, a few fishermen were still out on the bay. Jakša’s friend had recently delivered a fresh catch of seafood to Jakša’s seaside home and business. We would grill the fish later in the afternoon at Jakša’s vineyard cottage, 400 meters above the steel-grey Adriatic Sea. Read more.

The Mitchell family also made a short movie about this specific visit. You can see it below, and then make a visit to Shawn’s blog for more travelling logs, notes and posts.


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