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Half a million YouTubers have already clicked the video of Croatian dance initiative Yoncé. It’s not difficult to understand why- although the viral clip has been made just for fun, it looks quite professionally filmed. Of course, the stretching athletic bodies of four female dancers are also adding fuel to global interest, but their dancing skills are still in the forefront. In this article, we’ll meet the crew of  Yoncé.


Martina Vuleric is studying social pedagogy at Croatian Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences. She has been dancing for the last five years, with strong affection for hip hop tones. Martina is a member of dance club ‘Hip Hop House’, led by Marija Matkovic.


Lucija Markovic is finishing her education in Hotel Management and Tourist Work School of Zagreb. She is also a member of Marija Matkovic’s club, and has been dancing for the last 3,5 years.


Karla Iles is studying professional fitness training at Zagreb Faculty of Kinesiology. She practices jazz dance, and have spent six months in New York’s Broadway Dance Center to hone her skills. She is a member of Escape dancing club, run by Lidija Ivekovic.


Brita Bobetic is a student of journalism in Koprivnica. She belongs to official dance group following the performances of Croatian singer Lana Jurcevic. Brita is also a member of dancing club ‘Escape’.

Check out how girls perform in the video below:


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