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Christmas is just two weeks away, so you better start thinking about decorating your house in accordance with the merry holiday. Thinking of it, why don’t you opt to have a Croatian Christmas Tree this year? Here are four ways how to make this year’s season more Croatia-like.

Licitar Hearts

Instead of using the colorful glass balls, take licitar decorations as an alternative. The heart- shaped cookies are one of Croatia’s most recognizable symbols, and are quite easy to make. Although domestic pastry masters have their own secrets in licitar preparation, you can experiment on your own: just mix some yeast with flour and sugar and use heart-shaped mold to form the cookies. After they receive a golden color in oven, use pastry color to make them red and attractive. Hung them on the Christmas tree, and every now and then cook some more to replace those eaten.

Croatian Christmas Tree – Four Ways to Make It Happen


The traditional symbol of Croatia is a chessboard pattern of red and white fields. A Croatian Christmas tree should follow such style. Make your own small tracks of red and white, and tie them in knots on branches. Buy electrical bulbs which emit these colors, or paint them to glass balls. If you have children in your household, such activity can be a good family time.

Home-made Stable

Certain Croatian families have a habit of making their own nativity scenes, usually made of wood or carton. So if you have a talent for making such things, you can easily construct a small stable with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, surrounded by young shepherds and animals. You can also add a few of your own touches, for example, make small figures or drawings of your own family and friends. The small construction should be put below the Christmas tree, and surrounded with gifts. Before Santa Claus was invented, people believed that presents are actually brought by baby Jesus.

Zagreb, 22.12.2012 - Zive jaslice ispred Zagrebacke katedrale


If you have access to hay, surround the Croatian Christmas Tree with it to gain some old-times vibe. The custom of putting hay into the homes during the season is very old, and children loved to jump on it. Before tablets and consoles arrived to their lives, this was the best thing after swimming in river.

If you decide to make a Croatian Christmas Tree this year, don’t forget to take a photo of it and upload to our Facebook Community. We are eagerly awaiting your season contributions!


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