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Our friends from Dobra Hrana Magazine made a stroll through Zagreb in order to test Croatian burgers. Here is a list of their best findings, and what to expect from the country’s popular grill scene.



Located in Folnegoviceva 10, this diner has a good reputation once it comes to meat quality. We ordered a 100% beef burger, served with freshly picked rocket salad and basil pesto. The stuffing also included marinated mozzarella cheese with rosemary, tomato and prosciutto bits. Fries were also a nice company on the plate.  This feast costs 61 HRK / 8 €, but considerable size and fine ingredients support the price.

Submarine BBQ

Submarine BBQ

The terrace of this grill spot, located in Frankopanska Street 11, is often full of tourists. We ordered a smokehouse double burger, which came with crispy pancetta, melted cheese and BBQ sauce. The fine buns really steal the show, although other aspects of the dish, such as meat and dressing, are also commendable. However, for the price of 48 HRK / 6.50 €, one would expect a slightly larger portion.

Papa's Bar

Papa’s Bar

Just beneath the stairs leading to Zagreb’s outdoor cinema of Tuskanac, one can find this fine factory of Croatian burgers.  Papa’s Bar notes that its food has a special taste, thanks to bacon and unique blend of spices used in preparation. The meat is great, and the aroma is supported with green salad, hamby sauce, tomato and pickles. For the price of 33 HRK/ 4.50 €, you’ll be well fed.

Brutal Burger

Brutal Burger

Guests are able to choose between large and small burgers. Our pick was the smaller variant, and we didn’t feel hungry at the end. Brutal Bacon Burger came with 100% beef meat, classic American sauce and green salad. It was also enriched with abundant qualities of tomato, pickles, cheese, onion, pepper and roasted bacon.  The diner is located in Koranska 1B. The price of 21 HRK / 2.80 € for smaller burger is quite acceptable, meaning Brutal Burger is an idle budget option in Zagreb.


Tommy’s Street Burger

Walking the famous Tkalciceva Street made you hungry? This charming little place allows you to make your own hamburger. We combined our roast with caramelized onion, tomato, green salad and cheddar cheese. The later is probably the best part of the deal.  Although buns could use some work, the price of 24 HRK / 3.20 € makes Tommy’s a great place for a quick snack.

Salsa burger


Located in Kostelska Street, Salsa charms its guests with juicy burgers and crispy buns. This highlight of Croatian burgers serves rump steak meat, supported with marinated pepper, home-made smoked cheese, yoghurt dressing and finely grilled zucchini. The portions are fine, but not the largest, while pricing is quite fair. The aforementioned burger will cost you 35 HRK / 4.70 €.

Sherry burger

Sherry’s Wine & Bites

Zagreb’s British Square became a top spot for fine diners, with Sherry’s Wine and Bites being a pioneer of the trend. Offering traditional food of continental Croatia with modern twist, the kitchen of this restaurant prepares the so-called ‘purger burger’ (the former word describing the resident of Zagreb). It comes with potato chips served in a glass jar, sweet chili sauce, coleslaw salad and home-made buns. For the price of 50 HRK / 6.70 €, ‘purger’ is an option you won’t regret tasting.

Otto& Frank

Otto & Frank

This new spot in Zagreb’s Tkalciceva Street can be found opposite the Cookie Factory pastry. It has a lot of unique dishes on the menu, one coming from the realm of Croatian burgers. It comes with beef meat covered with yoghurt sauce, refreshed with mint and fresh pickles. The price of 63 HRK / 8.50 € is quite high, but one has to invest some money when pursuing original flavors.

Maximilian Burger


The first Bavarian restaurant in Croatia can be found in Radnicka Cesta 37, and its burger offering is more than unique. Coming between two slices of ‘black cole buns’, the meat is surrounded with onion chips, spinach, French blue cheese, coleslaw salad and- last but not least- fine bacon of Slavonian hog. Once everything is considered, the price of 69 HRK / 9.20 € is not as high as it seems at first. The portions are also quite welcoming.

This was a short list of places that serve prime Croatian burgers. Check out our Restaurants section and find other great places to eat in Croatia.


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