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In case you haven’t heard, every time Croatian soccer team plays against another country in FIFA World Cup, we stage a fictional match of tourist localities of the participating sides. It is a funny way to meet the diversity of our world and the unique localities that can be found in it. We already covered Croatian matches with Nigeria and Argentina; now let’s see how Mediterranean country will compete with the frozen beauties of European North. Time for Croatia:Iceland tourism match.

Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media

Reykjavik Whales versus Losinj Dolphins

Most people have seen whales jumping out from the sea on television screen. But to witness such sight in nature is completely different story. It is a gorgeous, almost mystical situation that shows the beauty of our planet and makes us feel connected to it in a unique way. Whales have abundant populations in the waters surrounding Iceland, and excursions from Reykjavik and Husavik can be arranged to see them in natural habitat.

Croatia offers similar experience, although coming on a smaller scale. There are no large whale species in Adriatic Sea, but there are plenty of dolphins that annually entertain thousands of locals and visitors. They can be found in all regions of Croatian seas, but waters around Losinj Island are among their most beloved territories.  A scientific ecology center Plavi Svijet offers insight in their populations, and even provide options to adopt certain specimens. Excursions are available too.

Both whales and dolphins are worthy of a goal in our little game. Hence, the result of Croatia:Iceland match is 1:1.

Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media

Aurora Borealis versus Lastovo Nightskies

Iceland is a place where you can observe one of the most interesting natural phenomenons in the world. Called Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, it is a celestial illumination that occurs during winter time. Caused by interaction between sun and atmosphere, the green waves of light seem as a kind of enchantment that has been tied to countless local legends. The phenomenon is so popular that some Iceland hotels even have wake-up service for guests that want to see it in the middle of night.

Meanwhile in Croatia, lovers of all things astronomical can schedule their arrival to Lastovo Island. It is a relatively small destination, isolated from the coast and large light sources. Because of that, nightskies of Lastovo are very dark, meaning that stars are more visible and have stronger glow. One of the best places to stargaze in Europe, Lastovo can be a great spot for aspiring astronomy experts as well as tireless romantics.

These localities are worthy of a goal, don’t you think? That makes the result equal again. Croatia:Iceland 2:2.

Stella Croatica

Helicopter Tours versus Stella Croatica

Iceland landscapes are gorgeous, yet unfortunately many of them are very hard to reach due to freezing conditions and harsh environment. But there is a way that allows you to meet this fascinating country from warm (and quite high) position. In recent years, tourist helicopter tours can be arranged for visitors, providing a mean to meet even the most isolated areas of Iceland. You can even organize the so-called Heli skiing, during which pilots will fly you to virtually untouched mountain peaks, allowing you to ski down the wildland slopes.

But if you are more a fan of sunny weather and higher temperatures, Croatia calls you to Stella Croatica. It is an ethno-village located in the heart of Dalmatia that introduces visitors to region’s long history and strong cultural identity. You are welcome to explore its beautiful botanical garden that spreads on more than 6000 square meters and features hundreds of plant species. People can also learn about olive oil and its production in Dalmatia, as well as taste numerous delicacies that became widely popular on global scale. If this sounds like an experience you’d like to have, you are only one click away from scheduling your Stella Croatica enjoyments.

Stella Croatica

Skiing surrounded with snow or enjoying sunny Mediterranean climate? Both of these sound pleasing, deserving a goal for their teams. This concludes our tourism match with yet another equal result. Croatia:Iceland 3:3 is the final score.

We are certain that this inspiring match has encouraged some readers to visit Iceland and Croatia. And in case you opt for the latter, be sure to use the services of our sister site Croatia Tickets for discounts on tours and attractions.

Featured Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media