Like Croatia Sinke

According to influential New York Times, Croatia is the best place for a summer visit in 2017. The article describing their choice noted that Mediterranean country offers prime beach localities, delicious food and plenty of culture and history. The local tourist offices are glad for such recognition, noting that it will certainly contribute to country’s already established reputation. Other listed destinations include Greece, South Africa, Maldives and Italy.

Fodor's 2015 Rising World Destinations

New York Times based its impression on data provided by several notable travel agencies. Indagare, which covers luxurious vacation experiences, had an increase of Croatian bookings of 30%, compared to the last year. Their colleagues from Expedia note that air ticket demand doubled for destinations of Croatia.

Which localities in Croatia would yo suggest for a visit? If you don’t know any, explore them in our Destinations section, and find a place that suits your preferances.