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As it is already an established tradition, the tourist season comes with a bang: the novel line of our highly-demanded hard copies.

Croatia Times Magazines are here to provide you with best tips, guides and suggestions during your vacation in the country. Available completely free of charge, these informative prints can be acquired in hotel lobbies, travel stations and port spaces. Wherever you pick them up, you are sure to be well informed about Croatian destinations and their unique features.

Niksa Duper / Hanza Media

This year, however, we made one step further.  Croatia Times Magazines now come in English and German languages, spreading our community of readers. The editions are not printed separately, but exist in the same paper. So you don’t have to search for magazine in your own language, just take any available you find.  Articles in your native tongue are waiting for you.

And in case you wish to read them on your mobile or tablet, we have you covered. Below are links to pdf files of Croatia Times Magazines. Feel free to share them and become a digital ambassador of Croatia’s genuine beauty.

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Click here for Zagreb Times

Istria Times waits for you here.

Dubrovnik Times issues can be downloaded here and here.

The Adriatic Times is also one click away.

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Let’s enjoy this summer together!