Like Croatia Sinke

Have you ever wondered what sights the astronauts observe on daily basis? Stuck in the high-tech tin cans with state-of-the-art propulsion systems, these brave people are pioneers of our kind in the purest form. And while they rotate around our beautiful world, occasionally their voyage brings them above Croatia.

One such event occurred the other day, as NASA published a photo taken from the international space station. It depicts the Mediterranean area during night hours. In lower left corner, one can find the Island of Sardinia, while the most illuminated area on the photo is Italy. On the other side of the boot-looking peninsula, one can find shy and peaceful shores of Croatia. The only light spots of considerable size are what seems to be the country’s capital of Zagreb and Dalmatian city of Split.

The photo clearly shows that Croatia is far from being a country with developed infrastructure, especially when compared to the western neighbor. However, it also reveals why Croatia is perceived as a peaceful and relaxing place, where a lot of people come for a vacation.

That being said, it would be misleading to say that Croatia lacks public illumination system, or nightlife which would send rays of light to the distant space explorers. As a well known tourist destination on the world scale, it features numerous inns, nightclubs and bars which entertain both locals and residents up to the late night hours.

What Croatia looks like from space? One can describe it as a mysterious land full of beautiful surprises. But in order to experience them, one has to land down the spaceship and come to its soil.

If any astronaut is reading this, feel free to snap a few more photos of Croatia and send them to our Facebook Community. We are sure more people would like to know what Croatia looks like from space.


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