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As a country with rich history and strong cultural identity, Croatia is a great destination for visit. It also has genuine natural beauty, with sites such as Plitvice Lakes or Brijuni Archipelago inspiring people since old times. But is Croatia from space as beautiful as it is from ground point? Judging from the latest round of photos, it surely is.

The photos in this article were made by astronauts currently stationed at the International Space Station, orbiting our world and doing some rather interesting scientific stuff. All they had to do was click the button when their magnificent flying castle was flying above Mediterranean, fundamentally leading to these gorgeous pictures of Croatia from space.

Croatia from Space (2)

Photos are courtesy of NASA, but have been shared via U.S. Embassy in Zagreb. This was done in order to underline the visit of Marsha Ivins, a former American astronaut visiting Croatia. As reported by embassy, Ivins was talk about life on a space station and how these installations benefit mankind’s leap towards the stars.

Croatia from Space (2)

Ivins will come to several Croatian cities during her visit, all of which have been mapped on the photos, as can be seen on the photo above. Although Croatia doesn’t have its own space program, thanks to Swiss investments, the country might develop its very own high-speed jet service. Until this rocket-airline becomes available, we can only enjoy Croatia from space on the photos of NASA.