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You can’t escape interactive charts these days. And according to the recent one, made by influential website teflSearch, Croatia is the most desirable destination on the planet.

Technicians of telfSearch made a comprehensive analysis of acquired Google data, aiming to determine where nations of the world would like to travel most. The whole research took one year to finish, and included 80 countries and 52 languages. The final result was a series of maps, showing the traveling preferences of various nationalities. The conclusion is that Croatia tops the list.

Tranquility of Prapratno beach by Petr Reeh Dandy

Google data revealed that Croatia occupied 2.71 per cent of travel-related searches. The Mediterranean country is followed by Greece (2.54 per cent), Turkey and Thailand (both 2.47 per cent), Spain (1.99 per cent), Italy (1.9 per cent), Cuba (1.85 per cent), Portugal (1.66 per cent) and Malta (1.65 per cent). United States was the last world locality in the top ten. Surprisingly, France did not reach high on the list, suggesting that people are not really googling the country, despite its international renown.

So far, Croatia has been included in numerous bucket lists, but the fact it is the most desirable destination in the world according to Google really puts some weight to its reputation. Croatian tourism has blossomed in the last several decades, attracting people with fantastic beaches, numerous historical landmarks, rich gastronomy and affordable pricing ranges.

Primosten Beach

Strangely enough, teflSearch suggested that most desirable destination for Croats is the Maldives, an island country in the Indian Ocean, literally on the other side of the globe. One can doubt how many Croats have truly spent their summer there.

The research has showed some other rather interesting information, so feel free to visit teflSearch website and learn where the world goes on the holiday. And for more tips, hints and news of coastal Croatia, don’t hesitate to check out The Adriatic Times.

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