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The sun has returned to Croatian skies, this time without teeth to bite the cheeks of people removing the snow from the streets. First signs of spring are suggesting that Europe is shifting its climate to warmer temperatures, and hopefully we’ll be in summer mode soon. Let’s celebrate the occasion with some creamy green risotto, whose splendid taste is additionally empowered by aroma of pecorino cheese. Check out how to prepare the delicacy in our instructions below!

What you will need

150 g rice

25 g onion

2 g garlic

30 ml white wine

400 ml broth

Olive oil

150 g parmesan

45 g butter

100 g pecorino cheese

For crème:

150 g spinach

100 g rucola

Creamy Green Risotto Preparation

Salt some water in the pot and use it to cook spinach and rucola leafs. Once these are nicely done, perform a quick cooling in order for veggies to preserve the green color. Use kitchen blender to process the ingredients, forming a fine crème for risotto.

On an olive oil, gently fry minced onion and garlic until they receive a glass-like color. Add rice and some white wine and thermally process until the later evaporates completely. Next, pour the broth of your choice over the rice and continue cooking with an occasional stir.

When rice is almost finished, add a few cubes of butter and some grated parmesan. Mix the compound until the risotto forms its creamy texture. Finally, add a spoon of crème you made from the green veggies. Cut pecorino cheese on track-like pieces and serve them accordingly on the top of the creamy green risotto. Serve immediately, but find time to snap a photo or two of your culinary achievement and upload it to our Facebook Wall. We’d love to see your latest success for the dining table!

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