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There are many reasons to visit Adriatic Sea, and one of them is surely the Island of Hvar. Located in the very heart of Dalmatian region, it is a destination which gains high marks when being reviewed both by professional tourist journalists and common guests alike. The photo above was taken by our frequent reader Ingrid Verhoed. She was so inspired with unique colors of Hvar that her camera was literally on 24-hour duty.

Here are some more facts about this island.

History, Nature and Cameras

Due to its raw and untouched beauty (which includes the deep grottos of Marko and Grapceva Spilja) this Croatian island has been settled ever since the times of Antiquity. The earliest inhabitants have lived on its shores in 4000 BC, proven by discovered fragments of old vases. They belonged to the so-called “Hvar Culture”, which is still quite a big mystery to Croatian archeologists. Traces of Greek, Roman and Illyrian presence have also been discovered. Later in history, colors of Hvar flag will change according to insignia of Byzantine Empire, Venetian Republic and several Croatian realms which existed in the nation’s timeline. Habsburgian state also governed the island for some time.

Of course, such rich and diverse past has left a lot of architectural remains on island’s soil. They can be discovered by visiting Hvar settlements, such as Jelsa, Starigrad, Sucuraj and Hvar town itself. On their way to various points of interest, guests will have the opportunity to explore beautiful landscapes, including centuries-old vineyards and fields of lavender surrounded by dry-stone walls. Each of these localities has a story to tell, and scenery to photograph.

Interestingly enough, Hvar is known to attract globally-famous celebrities, including Beyonce, Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Bill Gates. Unofficially, the island is regarded as their secret hideout, where they escape from obsessive fans and exhausting paparazzo teams.

Colors of Hvar Island

Our thanks go to Ingrid Verhoed for sharing such impressive photo with our readers, and prompting us to remind them of Hvar’s beauty. If you have your own photo you’d like to share with LC, please do so by uploading it to our Facebook Wall. We also accept videos, memes, sound files and animations. We’re anxious to witness your contributions.


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