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Cooking should be easy and simple. That’s the motto of world’s most renowned chefs, and you should follow their advice. Just think of the tastes and their combinations, get the ingredients, and bring a new dish to our world. After a while, write a cookbook of your own culinary inventions. But before that, you might try a few of our own recipes. The following one is called codfish pancetta, and as the name itself tells, it combines the hard soil of continental land with delicious dwellers of underwater worlds. Print these instructions, and become the next star of forks and knives in your home.

What you will need

4 Codfish fillets

Fresh rosemary

2 decanted lemons

Freshly Grated pepper

8 slices of pancetta

4 spoons of mayonnaise

20 asparagus plants

Fresh Basil

Codfish Pancetta Preparation

Take the fish fillets and pepper them from all sides. Use a sharp knife to form small cuts on the meat, which will later hold up spices- especially rosemary. On the frying pan, heat some olive oil and thermally process the fillets from both sides. Do so until the codfish receives a crusty outer layer, then remove from pan.

Wrap the pancetta slices around the fillets, and return them to the pan. Continue frying for another 10 minutes, until pancetta receives brownish color.

Cook some water to the boiling point and insert asparagus plants. Leave on slight flame until they soften up a bit. Serve in combination with rice, and fillets from above. At the very end, cover the dish with fresh basil.

Before serving, be sure to take a photo or two of your codfish pancetta achievement, and upload these to our Facebook Wall. We are sure your contribution will receive a lot of likes, shares, comments and praise by our online community. And probably inspire some other chef-to-be for his own take at this specialty.