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While goulash is actually a Hungarian dish, Croats quickly accustomed its finely tuned aromas to their needs. They combined the ingredients people of Hungary don’t have, fundamentally giving new additions to spicy world of goulashes. One of these ingredients is codfish meat, whose taste enriches tables during important holidays, both of religious and secular nature. Ready to make some of your own? Prepare to learn how to make codfish goulash.

What You Will Need

750 g codfish meat

1,5 kg potato

0,5 dl olive oil

5 dag onion

15 dag tomato juice

1 dl white wine

1 clove of garlic


Laurel Leaf



Codfish Goulash Preparation

The dried codfish should be submerged in water for 24 hours before cooking. Change the liquid two times in that period. Also, be aware that it will release a very strong smell, so do it in the isolated room.

Once the fish meat is ready for cooking, decant it and thermally process for one hour. Remove the bones from codfish and chop the fish on small pieces. Keep approximately 1 dl of water in which you cooked the meal for broth. It will be used in the future.

On a larger pan, pour some olive oil and fry minced onion and garlic until they become glass-like. Add cooked codfish with potato (previously chopped on slices). Next, insert tomato juice, white wine, parsley and laurel leaf, together with the broth we mentioned earlier. Once all these treasures are cooked for 30 minutes, you will end the preparation of codfish goulash.

If you are satisfied with your results, don’t hesitate to upload a photo or two of your culinary success to our Facebook Wall. If, however, you’d like a pro to cook you this dish, consider visiting one of good restaurants in Croatia. We have a list just for that here. In any case, enjoy your meal of Croatian-Hungarian origin.

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