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Imagine perfect scenery for Christmas celebration! The majority of you will envision the same locality. Namely, a room of considerable size decorated with small pine tree branches, lots of small colorful details and a large Christmas tree in the corner. Such holiday interior can be found in Croatian Zagorje region. We can call it a Christmas Fable in Stubicke Toplice, a small town located in the heart of this charming county, known for its deep forests and wonderful plains.

“This holiday cottage is our life project,” says Lidija, a resident of Zagreb who owns the place. “It took us twenty years to finish it, but the work paid off.”

Zagreb, 09.12.2012 - Idilicna vikendica obitelji Kovacicek-Pihac u Stubickim toplicama

Lidija and her husband Ivan are both natives to Zagorje region. When they settled in Croatian capital, they wanted a place in their old county, just to have connections with the area they both descended from. Ivan inherited the house from his father in Stubicke Toplice, and after buying some more land, he decided to renovate it into a perfect little haven for his Zagorje-Zagreb family.

The estate also included a small stall, but having no cattle in their belonging, the pair decided to transform it into a ethno-house and interior garden, having more than hundred different plants.

“I like the feeling of being surrounded with small details which have a meaning to me,” Lidija continues to describe her lovely house. “These include small accessorize boxes I collect as a hobby, and souvenirs I brought from distant travels. I also like paintings depicting my favorite exteriors in Zagorje.”

Christmas Fable in Stubicke Toplice

Although their lengthy ranch demands quite a lot of work and money, owners don’t mind their sweat. Especially in this time of year, when white layer of snow covers the surrounding slopes of Zagorje, their family truly lives a Christmas Fable in Stubicke Toplice.

Check out Lidija and Ivan’s house in the photo gallery below:


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