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Imagine inviting an important guest into your house. What to offer him as a quick snack which will leave a good impression? A cup of fine tea and biscuits is so last century. Why don’t you go with some chocolate crumbs? By that, we don’t mean that you simply crush a few squares of chocolate, but engage into a simple preparation of a charming dish. Easy to decorate and looking great in every combination, you will soon make these dark bits for private use- without need of an important guest.

What you Will Need (25 crumbs)

20 g yellow raisins

20 g densely minced dried figs

1 dcl Maraschino

200 g dark chocolate

80 g almonds (cut on leaf-like pieces and slightly fried)

20 g candied oranges

Chocolate Crumbs Preparation

Wash the yellow raisins with warm water. Dry them and combine with dried figs. Stir densely, but without crushing the ingredients. Cover them with maraschino, or liquor of similar taste. Leave them idle overnight. Their aromas will nicely blend.

Melt the chocolate on hot steam (believe us, the final result will be different if it is processed this way). Once it cools down a bit, mix the ingredients which slept together overnight.

Take a sheet of kitchen paper and spread it on plain surface. Using a spoon, transfer small quantities of chocolate compound onto its top, forming crumble-like shapes. Refrigerate these, and they will become thick and crunchy. Congratulations! You made your chocolate crumbs.

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