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Grumpy faces away! Children Carnival of Rijeka took place last weekend, gathering over 5000 participants of all ages and backgrounds. Even the suspicious weather didn’t cause this small army of penguins, clowns and cartoon characters to retreat under the roofs, but boldly invade the streets of Croatia’s popular port. Some of the masked individuals didn’t know to walk yet, but thankfully their parents and caretakers took good care of them.

The carnival was also supported by groups of zvoncari, people dressed up in traditional costumes of the region. The name can be translated as the bell ringers as their attire includes several bells, which ring loudly during the wearer’s movement. In old times, it was believed that zvoncari are actually chasing the evil spirits away from the villages, bringing good luck and bright future to the inhabitants.

With four stages and impressive entertainment program, the children carnival of Rijeka brought many smiles to faces of local residents and their foreign guests. It is also an unwritten rule that carnival time of the year is actually an introduction to warmer days, but since Croatia is under the layer of snow at the moment, the tricky 2015 might be the year of the change.

In case you have photographed the event yourself, feel free to upload a photo or two to our Facebook Wall. In case you don’t have any such pics, check out the merry sights of Children Carnival of Rijeka in our photo gallery below:


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