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Yes, we were intrigued too. A pizza with chestnut as an ingredient? That sounds very odd. However, it is so uncommon it might actually work. If you are eager to try this experiment, the recipe for its preparation follows. Who knows, it might become your favorite dish in the season. Here’s how you make a chestnut pizza.

What you will need:

600 g smooth flour

600 g plain flour

1,5 package dry yeast

1 spoon of salt

600 ml lukewarm water

15 chestnuts

10 baby champignons




Mozzarella cheese

½ handgrab of rucola

Chestnut Pizza Preparation

Use flour, yeast, water and salt to make the regular pizza dough. Mix all the ingredients and knead until you receive a soft compound. Leave it in the pot and cover with kitchen cloth. After a twenty-minute exposure to warmer temperatures, this soon-to-become pizza material will grow in size. If you notice that it is too soft, add flour. In case it is too stiff, pour some water over it.

Remove the crust from chestnuts, and slightly fry them on the pan. Don’t overdo it, as they will have their share of heat later. Mozzarella should be cut on slices. Champignons should be cleaned with a cloth or a chef’s brush. Don’t use water, as they are useless when soaked.

Put olive oil on the bottom of the vessel in which you will bake pizza, and insert the dough, previously rolled out. Add a few more drops of olive oil and align mozzarella slices, chestnuts and champignons on top of it. Now we have a pizza! The following step is spicing- use oregano, thyme and rosemary.

Insert the chestnut pizza in an oven at 220°C for 15 minutes. Once the dough is finely roasted, and cheese melted, remove from flame and top the dish with a few rucola plants.

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