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Our photo reporters are always giving their best to provide you with impressive sights and informative images of occurrences in Croatia. Sometimes, it is a photo of gorgeous nature, and sometimes it is a depiction of life in this Central European country. Here is a selection of ten great photos of 2016, brought to you by Like Croatia and Hanza Media agency.


The Magic of Gric

Our associate Goran Mehkek made this lovely image of parent amazement in Gric Tunnel of Zagreb. The formerly abandoned locality has recently been renovated into a stunning gallery space, which will certainly bring more moments such as this in the future.


The Super Moon

A couple of weeks ago, a unique astral phenomenon took place, as Moon approached Earth to the closest range since 1948. The photo made by Tomislav Kristo was taken in Zagreb.


The Friendship of Tucepi

It’s always a good vibe in Tucepi, a settlement near Dalmatian town of Makarska. As a matter of fact, everyone is a friend here, including cats and mice. The photo was taken by Ivo Ravlic.


Christmas Wishes in the Air

The annual celebration of Christmas Light involves the release of numerous flying lampions in the air. Of course, the sight is touching and awe-inspiring. Photo was taken in Zagreb by Sandra Simunovic.


Always Here to Help

Members of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service are saving hundreds of lives every year. For such task, they need to train a lot on daily basis. This photo depicts their naval safeguard exercise, and was taken by Nikola Vilic.


The Sportsman’s Prayer

The legendary soccer player Diego Armando Maradona was one of beloved guests during recent tennis tournament in Croatia. Here we can see him in religious trance, as he prays for best possible results for his team. A photo was made by Damir Krajac.


Cleaning Bacvice

One of the most popular beaches in Croatia, Bacvice of Split, is not so crowded during colder season of the year. However, it still needs to be cleaned, as the mighty bora wind often brings all kind of waste on the shore. Luckily, there are people taking care of this issue, as proven by this photo by Tom Dubravec.


The Power of Nature

Now, one really had to push the button at the right moment for this image. Brought to you by Zvonimir Barisin, it shows the nature’s magnificence in the vicinity of Kastel Kambelovac settlement in Dalmatia.


The Joy of Race

Every year, a traditional sailboat race is staged on Neretva River, between settlements of Metkovic and Ploce. As one can see on this image, authored by Denis Jerkovic, it is a very happy event.

What are your best photos of 2016? If they involve Croatia, don’t hesitate to share them with our readers- just upload them to our Facebook Wall.


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