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For numerous years, shoe brand Borovo is taking good care of Croatian soles. Although being relatively small compared to shoe-making brands in the west, the company has a distinctive identity and strong presence on local scene. One of their prime products is a line that aims for younger generations, and has received an upgrade recently. Here, you can learn more about new Startas Collection.

Colorful and inviting for move, the new Startas collection is a bond of modernity and tradition. The line has been established in 1976, amazingly for the purpose of playing table tennis. Since then, it became one of the most recognizable footwear in Croatia. Each pair is hand-made from Borovo Facility that is located in Vukovar.

The products of new Startas Collection could be a great gift or even a souvenir from your Croatian voyages. If visiting the country, consider acquiring some of these shoes. You may also buy them on Borovo website, the average price being around 249 HRK / 35 €. The newest additions to line can be observed in the gallery below.

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Lizé Richter

Where in Dubrovnik can I buy Startas shoes please?


You may buy it in Startas Shop Dubrovnik on this address:

Search more stores here:

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