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About one decade ago, Tanja Varda quit her job in order to open a pasty with her husband Miljenko. After a few years, the business developed and the small cake shop called Meli became a recognizable destination in Croatian Capital of Zagreb. Now, after years of hard work, the couple decided to leave their sweet factory to their children, and moved to Gorski Kotar region of Croatia. They invited us to see the charming home of confectioners in Hlevci settlement, and what it transforms into during the Merry Season.

“There’s no Christmas without the smell of cakes in our house,” the couple explained to LC source. “It just comes with our job.” Originally enough, a lot of interior decorations are perfectly edible, retaining the option to be stored in the box and used for some other year.


Tanja is also proud of her icy candle holders, which go well with the snowy surroundings of mountainous Gorski Kotar region. “They are very easy to make. I have just put a small plastic bottle into the larger one, and filled them with water, pine tree branches, berries and lemon. Then I put them into the fridge, and in the matter of time, the candle holders were formed.” It is also worth noting that candles themselves were home-made as well.

The Hlevci home of confectioners also has a lovely open fireplace, which provides a romantic atmosphere during winter evenings. Every room is full of little details, ornaments and decorations underlining the Christmas vibe, and looks like a place from old fable tales. “Since it is quite cold outside, all the work had to be done in the interior of the house,” Tanja notes. “I made a lot of mess, but at the end, we really enjoy every second of being in our home.”


Gorski Kotar is a part of Croatia which separates the country’s northern plain regions with coastal territories. It is a highland area, usually associated with winter enjoyments and snowy entertainment. Be inspired to visit it for your Christmas gatherings, and have a season in the interior similar to the featured home of confectioners.

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