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Today is a major holiday in Croatia, as the entire country celebrates All Saints’ Day. The feast is originally a Catholic solemnity associated with belief that all saints are living in Heavenly afterlife and are perfectly aware of earthly events. And since it is believed that every fine Christian joins the ranks of saints after physical death, he or she is also to be celebrated on this special day. This is why people usually visit the final resting places of their family, friends and associates on this day.

A vast majority of Croats are Catholic, but people with other belief systems also have a practice of visiting cemeteries on this day. As a matter of fact, entire organizations, including police, army, fire brigade and Mountain Rescue Services are sending their delegations to pay respect to colleagues long gone. If you are interested in visiting old Croatian graveyards, especially those of high architectural value such as Zagreb’s Mirogoj, you won’t have a better chance than in the next few days. Decorated with flowers and candles, they remind us that life is precious, and that we are to be thankful for people who contributed in its beauty on this world.

Our reporters made a few photos of All Saints’ Day in Croatia. Check them out in the photo gallery below:



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