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Imagine spending a vacation in a lovely Coatian Villa situated on Dalmatian Shore. Precisely such experience waits for you in Biograd, thanks to luxurious accommodation Casa DaCo. Located close to the settlement center yet secluded enough to provide guests with peace and quiet, this locality is a dream come true to every visitor.

The tale begins as early as 1970’s, when Casa DaCo was actually a traditional konoba tavern. It was used to storage wine, olive oil and fruit. About one decade ago the owners decided to make it into something more approachable. In a matter of years, the tavern became a notable estate that welcomes visitors from all sides of the world.

As many other accommodations of this type, casa bonds rustic tradition of Croatia with modern approaches in interior design. All materials used in construction were natural, such as oaks from distant Slavonia region and stone blocks taken from old residences in Ravni Kotari. In a way, Casa DaCo is literally a product of entire Croatia.

Full of small details and providing a cozy environment, the villa also comes with a large private and arranged outdoor area. One unique feature is the so-called ‘Gin Corner’, where guests can enjoy over twenty brands of this drink and couple it with common taste-lifters.

The estate has 160 square meters in size. It has four bedrooms, each having its own bathroom. As such, the house has sufficient space to accommodate up to ten persons. This classy home-away-from- home is about two kilometers away from the sea. That may sound far but actually spares guests from dense traffic and crowds of bathers in the summer time.

You can check out more images of this house in our image gallery below. Consider booking it for your holiday on Croatian coasts of Biograd.

Photo: Milan Lakic