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Croats like to stuff their meat with a lot of things, calling the procedure „spikanje“. This feat in cooking leads to complex tastes, which interact with each other much to the consumer’s pleasure. If you wish to enjoy the fine aromas of Carrot-filled lamb chops (or spikana junetina, if you want to keep things on Croatian language), here is a set of instructions which will lead you to best results.

What you will need

A larger chop of beef meat

100 g bacon


Soured Cucumbers





Carrot-Filled Lamb Chops Preparation

Take bacon, carrot and soured cucumbers and cut them on small pieces. Do not blend! They need to be firm, not in the paste-like texture. Use a very sharp and long kitchen knife to dug a few holes in the meat. Insert the aforementioned ingredients into the hollows, together with a few cloves of garlic.

Rub the meat from the outside with oil, salt, thyme and grated black pepper. This should intensify the aromas on the meal’s outer layers. Next, put the meat on a frying pan and perform a slight burn from all the sides. The holes which you made should close during this step. Try to keep the ingredients inside.

After this part of prepping your carrot-filled lamb chops is complete, transfer the meat on an oiled baking mold, covering it with aluminum cooking foil. Heat your oven to 170 °C and roast the meat approximately for two hours. Just before this step finishes, remove the foil to have your meal extra crispy.

This meal is quite similar to the one called Dalmatinska Pasticada. However, in case of this landmark Dalmatian specialty, the meat is actually simmered in tomato and dry plum sauce. Serve with seasonal salad, and a bottle of fine wine. Of course, don’t forget to snap a photo or two of your culinary achievement, and upload it to our Facebook Wall for others to enjoy your talent.

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