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It takes a special kind of person to be a captain of the ship. One needs intelligence, dedication, sense of duty and among all, a talent to lead people. Petar Doric is one of those worthy of the title, captaining a merchant vessel on long sails.

One of the challenges of being a captain is the fact that you are often far away from home. How this influences your private life, and what happens when a captain comes home after a long journey, you can learn in the following video.

The video is another product of CIRCOM MoJo workshop, which took place in Dubrovnik at the beginning of the month. Attendees were trained in new media journalism, and tasked with making a reportage using gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. The video above was made by Anna Funcik.

Last week, we brought you a story on Dubrovnik fisherman, filmed by Barbora Luskova. Check out more similar videos on Circom Regional You Tube Channel.


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