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A large number of foreign guests turn Dubrovnik into a very crowdy town during hot summer months. In order to find some space, its residents pick up their boats and set course off-shore, where they can relax in the openness of Adriatic Sea. Maybe even they find a few minutes of sleep, being gently cradled by waves and sounds of water splashing. That is, unless cruisers and yachts don’t intend to make another busy day in Dubrovnik for tourist workers. Falling asleep while the huge vessel drives towards your tiny fishing boat is not the nap with happy-ending.

We are kidding, of course. No such accidents occurred. Yet. However, it is true that Dubrovnik streets are not the only thing full of life and traffic. Take, for example, the photo above. It literally proves that even naval vicinity of Dubrovnik resembles a living city. A large number of cruisers routes around the waters of the renowned settlement, each being a mass transit vehicle and gigantic skyscraper at the same time. Dozens of small yachts and tourist ships are finding their own paths above the surface of Adriatic, and the aforementioned fishing boats are also taking their part in this sea-faring busy day in Dubrovnik aquatorium.

Some vessels are located in the small harbor of Dubrovnik. But they are literally serving as parked cars. Soon their owners will arrive, and join the nonexistent roads and junctions in the sea. Some will go fishing with nets, others will embark on scuba-diving excursions, while the others will visit the surrounding points of interest, such as town of Cavtat or highly-popular island of Lokrum.

The photo was taken by our reader Ka Ti, as she visited the ramparts of old city. These centuries old structures were used for defense in the past, but today provide a memorable sight. They also serve one gateway to escape a busy day in Dubrovnik. Have photos of your own, which you’d like to share with our readers? Post them to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become Like Croatia’s media contributor.


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