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A few days ago, Croatian town of Samobor celebrated the closing evening of its annual carnival. Deemed one of the oldest in Europe, Samobor’s outdoor ball under the masks has once again proved its worth and gathered thousands of merry attendees. Some of them came from distant countries. Burning of Samobor Fasnik, a rugged doll blamed for all the last year’s mischief and unfortunate events, traditionally closed the cultural event in the most spectacular way, as can be seen in our photo gallery below.

Samobor Fasnik

Samobor is considered to be among Croatia’s most beautiful small towns. Less than an hour away by car from the country’s capital of Zagreb, it is a settlement with a distinctive medival vibe and features dozents of traditional craft stores. It is surrounded by beautiful hills and thick forests, some of which were used as a scenery for films and tv-series. Ponds of water are homes to local species of trout, which is especially delicious when made on millman’s way on open flame. In addition, Samobor is known for its tasty kremsnita cakes, which can be tried in virtually every pastry onsite.

With burning of Samobor Fasnik, all the bad things which happened in the last year got their metaphorical payback. With crazy masks on their faces, the residents and their guests didn’t hide satisfaction. After all, there is an old Croatian saying that idiots are foolish every day, but the wise are foolish only during the carnival.

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