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Today is December 6th, a feast day of St. Nicholas. According to Croatian custom, children have cleaned their shoes in the evening before, and put them in the window. In early morning, they found them filled with gifts and chocolates, as described in our coverage on Croatian Advent Traditions.

But there is another tradition of Croats on this day. Residents of Komiza settlement (on the island with same name) have a very established custom of burning boats for St. Nicholas Day. An old vessel is picked up, and burned in front of the saint’s church. The ash is then gathered and thrown on newly-built boats, as a sign of blessing. The celebration ends with a religious procession around the settlement.

Burning boats for St. Nicholas Day is an important tradition for Croats, and we will probably have more photos of this year’s occasion in the next following days. In other words, keep reading LC and don’t forget to check out our Facebook Profile for a vivid and Croatia-loving community.


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