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Owners of prestigious Croatian brand Ulje, which deals with eatable oils, are having a new project. Leopod Botterini and Vedran Sluca just opened a diner called Brachia Olive Oil Experience, and it is already receiving quite a lot of good feedback. Located on Island of Brac, it features large outdoor terrace, impressive restaurant space, charming tasting chamber and shop serving home-made products from local settlement of Selca.

Brachia Olive Oil Experience: Loving Brac with Taste

Diner’s working hours are quite unique. Visitors are called to sample the diner’s offerings until 6:00 p.m. Once this hour is surpassed, Brachia Olive Oil Experience literally becomes a Dalmatian konoba inn, where professional cook prepares delicacies such as grilled octopus and prawns in lemon juice. The daily menu changes according to what local fisherman manage to catch in local waters of Adriatic Sea. In other words, this restaurant has the freshest ingredients possible.

Despite the classy atmosphere, pricing is very visitor-friendly. Ordering lamb meat, prepared by following a local recipe, costs as low as 89 HRK / 12 €, while stuffed sardines are merely 39 HRK/ 5.50 €. If you go on your vacation in Croatia with budget in mind, Brachia Olive Oil Experience will certainly provide value for money. Note that they also serve prime Croatian wine brands, including Stina, Senjkovic and Bakovic. People also like to order olive oil ice-cream for dessert.

Brachia Olive Oil Experience: Loving Brac with Taste

The restaurant has one more original feature which can’t go unnoticed. The ceiling is decorated by photographs and press articles from the island’s past. So you are literally eating beneath a large history book of Brac.

If this short introduction to this specific diner inspired you for a visit, you’ll find it in the village of Selca, on Stjepan Radic Square 3. You can also learn more information about the restaurant on its official website. Check out our photo gallery of Brachia Olive Oil Experience below.



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