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In Croatian language, the word “bonaca” describes a perfectly calm sea. Lacking wind or rain to disturb the surface, Adriatic literally receives an oil-like texture during such weather. The sight is especially impressive during the dusk, when the warm sun draws a unique aquarelle of orange and yellow on the water. However, the recent bonaca in Kastel Stari was lacking the gentle rays of life-supporting star, turning the Adriatic in blue tones.

Our photographer Zvonimir Barisin has discovered an old fisherman on Kastel Stari dock, as he was preparing to try his luck and catch some dinner. The sight immediately triggered Barisin’s talent, and he immediately snapped a photo of the charming senior in his daily ritual. With blue skies above his head, blue sea beneath his rod and blue pair of crocs on his feet, the fisherman truly enjoyed every second of Bonaca in Kastel Stari.

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