Like Croatia Sinke

Generations of people have enjoyed “Winnetou”, a TV-series based on the novel by highly influential German writer Karl May. The popularity of the serial, which deals with the adventures of a courageous Indian chief, has been strengthened by scenes of wonderful and untouched nature, and which were filmed in Croatia.

Winnetou is still quite a recognizable motive in Croatia’s tourist offer, with several tours leading the fans to localities where the serial was filmed. But, interestingly enough, it also contributed to a unique friendship between Croats and Native Americans.

Photographed above is an example of one such friendly gathering, as members of Comanche Tribe arrived to Town of Vinkovci in order to show their customs and traditions to the local population. In return, they were introduced to the culture of Sokci people, a distinctive ethnical group of Slavonian residents.

Although living on separate sides of our planet, both groups enjoyed their friendship to the full extent. With pipes of peace smoking and orahnjaca cakes served on shiny plates, it is indeed a wonderful celebration of mankind’s unity.


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