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Counted among the largest swamp valleys of Europe, Kopacki Rit is an ever-changing landscape filled with wildlife and impressive sights. More than 2000 animal species dwell on its soil, and experts labeled Kopacki Rit as an IBA site (Important Bird Area). With channels connecting rivers Danube and Drava, it regularly becomes flooded, turning into a completely other type of terrain. As you read these lines, UNESCO is analyzing whether this part of Baranja region should be proclaimed a part of their Natural Heritage List.

Photographed above is a sole tree, waiting for the water to retreat. Not that it suffers that much, it certainly doesn’t need watering at the moment. The average period of flood in Kopacki Rit is 100 days long. You can learn more about this unique place of Croatia in a short documentary entitled “Croatia’s Water Treasure”, trailered here.

Although summer time refuses to leave Croatian coastline, it is evident that fall season is taking the lead. If planning a visit to the country, consider Kopacki Rit a destination of choice for your Croatian fall experience.


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