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We already informed you that Adriatic Sea is a great destination for catching huge fish, usually yellow-fin tuna. As a matter of fact, recently a Pula fisherman Franko Cerin managed to catch a gargantuan specimen, weighting more than 153 kilograms, while his colleagues Davor Crnobori and Robert Tkalec won the prestigious Big Game Croatia Competition with 117 kilogram prey of the same species. The former fish had two meters in length, and according to the involved persons, it was quite a challenge to catch.

Naturally, tuna is not the only edible giant of Croatian seas. Visitors of Zadar recently had the opportunity to buy a slice of a greater amberjack fish, caught by local fisherman in surrounding waters. It weighted around 30 kilograms, which is not much compared to the aforementioned tunas, but a lot for jack living in Adriatic. Popularly called gof by locals, its meat beyond head is especially liked by chefs and cooking pros.

With such rich underwater life, visiting fish-markets of Croatia is literally an attraction of its own, as proven by our photo gallery below. Yet, you are safe while exploring the country’s underwater, as scientists have proven that dangerous species are difficult to find.


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