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If you browsed the web for best marina in the world, rejoice. Your search is over, as you found an article about Frapa, a lovely coastal base located in the Croatian City of Rogoznica. On the recent edition of influential Moscow International Boat Show, Frapa has won the first prize, thus receiving the prestigious title of world’s most desirable place to harbor your vessel.

Best Marina in the World: Frapa Wins Big

This is by no means the first such acknowledgement for luxurious resort-like marina. It already won several Croatian awards for its services, while international achievements include two New Millenium Awards. Frapa’s surrounding beaches, in addition of being sites of unique natural beauty, also come with notable tourist infrastructure. This is why Frapa is approved carrier of blue flag insignia since 2001.

Best Marina in the World: Frapa Wins Big

Vessels harbored in Frapa receive top-notch treatment, while its engineers are always ready to provide mechanical services to those who demand them. As for the owners of the ships and yachts, they are free to stay in two hotels called Otok (“Island”) and Kopno (“Mainland”). Nightlife enjoyments are provided by club Admiral, billiard bar, bowling alley and outdoor pools. The best marina in the world is also equipped with several sport terrains, including those for tennis, squash and general fitness exercises. Those who like to train their brain muscles can always find a challenger in chess, played by large figures on a marble board.

Best Marina in the World: Frapa Wins Big

Finally, what would a Croatian coastal site be without numerous places to try the beauties of local kitchen? From traditional Dalmatian konoba-inns to charming small diners, Frapa has everything one’s appetite may require during the visit to Rogoznica. The offer includes sushi-bars and pizzerias, while restaurant Ancora also stages show-cooking sessions of Oriental cuisine.

There are many more reasons why Frapa has become the best marina in the world, and you are invited to discover them. For more information, check out it’s official site.


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