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Even if you are just remotely associated with Europe’s best beaches, chances are that you know about Zlatni Rat. Often translated as Golden Cape in English language, this white pebble beach serves as one of Croatia’s most renowned symbols. It is often seen in the country’s promotional materials, and is a great introduction to what one can enjoy on the Adriatic Coast.


You will find Zlatni Rat on the Island of Brac, in Dalmatia region.  It is a cape which counts up to 650 meters in length, but this can vary due to the site’s unique feature- it constantly changes shape due to wind and sea waves.

Surrounded with the pristine waters of Adriatic, attractive Mediterranean forests of pine and remains of old Roman villa, Zlatni Rat is a dream come true to many visitors of Croatia. A great destination both for bathers and surfers, it might be your next summer destination.


If you need some more persuasion, check out our photo gallery below.