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Oh, Dubrovnik, you Pearl of Adriatic Riviera! You are a city which whispers history with every block of your stone-paved streets. Just imagining you, recalls the feeling of leisure, tradition and Mediterranean vibe.

With so many points of interest, including the refreshing blue of Adriatic Sea and archaic gray of Dubrovnik ramparts, people forget to turn their heads upwards, and witness the beauty of skies above. Sometimes, these deep heavens become angered, providing a new dimension of beauty to the old city. Luckily, not all the people seek shelter from the rain. An elite team of photographers, gathered under name “Storm Chasers of Dubrovnik”, gears up and plunges into the bad weather, exiting with marvelous pictures of nature’s rage.

Discover this other side of Dubrovnik sky through a short video made by Boris Basic, one of Storm Chaser Team’s most fruitful contributors. And don’t forget to check out their Facebook Page for more stormy examples of beauty.

Had a rainy day in Dubrovnik? What were you doing until the sun re-emerged? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.